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The Two Faces of Moxy

Core Template Features

Moxy, the February 2010 template release from RocketTheme, balances complexity and simplicity, that being the inclusion of both graphical focused and low key, conservative design areas.

The theme is packed full of the standard feature set of any modern RocketTheme template such as the new Fusion Menu.

  • Hilites10 widget variations to diversify your site
  • DesignAssortment of 10 stunning preset style variations
  • Widgets27 theme widget positions
  • FusionVersatile dropdown menu powered by mootools
  • SEOSearch Engine Optimised structure / layout
  • FontsImplement non-standard fonts on your site

Stunning Styles, Subtle Sophistication

Moxy has 8 stunning preset header styles to compliment the subtle and convervative mainbody and footer areas, which can alternative between light and dark styles.


Menus … Evolved

Fusion has evolved into a more powerful menu, rewriting the javascript core of Fusion, the menu is now much smoother, more flexible and far more versatile.


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NOTICE: This site is purely for demonstrative purposes and all content and images no pertaining to RocketTheme products are fictitious and only designed to showcase a sample site. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.


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